Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 30

Disheartening morning weigh in of 161.8 again! That is what I was Thursday. I'm hoping it was that I have a lot of water weight due to all the sodium in Monogolian stir fry that I had for lunch yesterday & not that I was dehydrated Friday morning. Weight loss is so frustrating!!!
B-Fiber One bar (140 cal)
L- ham & cheese lean pocket (250 cal)

Exercise-after I get off work this afternoon I have a date with my treadmill & dumbbell weights! I'm going to get into the 150s one way or another!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 29

Morning weigh in: 160.4!!! I'm a 1/2 lb away from my mini-goal. I'm so excited that it's got me motivated to eat healthy this weekend so maybe by Monday I can be in the 150s.
B-Fiber One Bar (140 cal)
L- Mongolian stir fry-the one my client owns & we went to last week
D- smart ones tuna noodle dinner (250 cal)

We have an appt Sunday afternoon with the realtor about making an offer on the house! We are so excited!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 28

Morning weigh in: 161.8
Guess I can't expect miracles in less than 12 hours huh? I plan to be really focused between now & my dress fitting in 10 days! I still think I can get to the 150s by then, even if it is 159.9!
B- Fiber One bar (140 cal)
L- smart ones tuna noodle (250 cal)
S- handful of M&Ms (85 cal)
D- lean pocket pepperoni pizza (280 cal)
That only gets me to 755 cal and I don't plan on eating dinner until after I leave the office late. I think I should still try to get at least 1,000 cal at a minimum right? Otherwise my body will think it needs to hold onto my fat.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 27

Morning weigh in: 161.6-I'm tired about being at 161 so time to refocus! A date with the treadmill tonight!

B- Fiber one bar (140 cal)
L- chef salad with ranch dressing on the side
S- mini chocolate bar (85 cal)
D- the rest of my chef salad from lunch

I had an awesome workout after I got home from work! I'm so proud of myself b/c it wasn't even killing me even though it had been over a week & half since I'd done the treadmill. Hope I'm not paying for it tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 26

Morning weigh in 161.4-guess the carb overload didn't hit me too much. I've been stuck on this weight for awhile but I think its in part due to only watching what I'm eating & haven't been working out. I need to get better at managing my workout time, studying & work. :(
B- Fiber One bar
S- handful of M&Ms during a training session
L- smart ones frozen dinner (310 cal)
D- ??

Exciting news: I think we are going to put in a bid on building a house this week!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 25

Morning weigh in: 161.2
B-Fiber One Bar
L-oh this is going to be ugly calorie wise but oh so good taste wise. The office is having a training for the whole department & bringing in Italian. Lasanga, alfredo, salad & breadsticks. I will try to load up on salad & have lasanga instead of alfredo.
D- spagetti- talk about carb overload today!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 24

Morning weigh in 161.4
Steve & I spent the whole day (since I didn't get up until noon) looking at houses. We are renting now but would love to find something to buy. We found a great subdivision out west that we can build! We really like the area, the realtor & price so know we are going to need to crunch some #s, look into financing & all that fun stuff! The realtor said they are looking at about 5 months or so from start to finish so that would put it about July if we started here soon. Perfect timing with being out of tax season, Steve would be slowed down b/c not in school full time & we'd have the wedding out of the way. So keep your fingers crossed for us!
Food wasn't pretty today. I got up at 12, we headed out right then so didn't stop to eat until about 3:30ish & it was McDonalds.
Tonight I'm not sure what its going to be. I'm watching the ABC show Extreme Home Makeover as its about my hometown that was hit by a tornado last summer.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 23

Morning weigh in: 161.0 again! :)
At work again this morning until Steve gets off work about 4:30.
L- subway turkey & ham sandwich, harvest cheddar sun chips & diet coke
D-?? there are a lot of bball games on TV tonight so we might just veg out at home & order a pizza or something. not sure yet

Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 22

Morning weigh in: 161.0! I am so close to the 150s that I can taste it! LOL
B-Fiber One bar (140 cal)
L- Smart ones rice & beans (310 cal)
S- mini chocolate bar (85 cal)
D- 1 pt beef pot roast soup (120 cal)
S- another late night at the office=chocolate! (150 cal)
I probably ruined my good weigh-in for tomorrow :(

But even with all the chocolate I was only at 805 calories! I might have a glass of milk later but thats still less than 80 cal.
Off to studying I go.... In this last month before my test, when I only have the time/energy for either working out or studying I'm ALWAYS going to pick studying. This damn test costs almost 300 bucks to take each time & I'm so ready to be DONE with it. I've been taking it since Aug of 07 & only 1/2 way done. This is my year though! Getting married to the man of my dreams, lose weight/getting healthy & passing the exam! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 21

As expect, I went up a little: 162.4
I worked until about 10:30pm last night so no exercise happened. Good thing was that I was so tired that I didn't eat very much when I got home, just a few grapes.
B- Fiber One Bar
L- Smart Ones Chicken Enchiladas (290 cal & 6 WW pts)-which was AWESOME!!! I really love these. It feels like I'm cheating when I'm really not! YAY
S- 100 cal cookie snack
D- 1 pt Chicken noodle soup

I WILL exercise tonight!! I miss it! And I'm going to study tonight also so only about a 11 or 12 hr day today at work I think.

Will update later....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 20

I about fainted this morning- 161.2!!!
Last night I worked until about 8:30 & my sweetie made me a PB&J sandwich with wheat thins while I changed after working late. Guess that was a good decision to have for dinner.
Had morning dr appt & walked out of the house without my lunch or breakfast! So my food plan changed:
S- Oatmeal squares cereal-got to work late & it wasn't too long until lunch
L- chef salad w/ranch dressing on the side
D-1 pt chicken noodle soup
S-mini Butterfinger bar (late nights at the office suck for answering cravings!)

You will notice during tax season I eat a TON of soup & frozen smart ones meals. They are easy & taste pretty good. Plus I've got to have stuff thats easy to take & throw in the microwave :)
My plan is to work late so I don't know what exercise I'll do-either treadmill or strength training and do some studying b/c I paid for my next test today! Plan to take it the end of Feb.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 19

Morning weigh in 163.2-the dinner last night was very good! We will definetely go back there :)
B- sandwich sized ziplock bag of grapes
S-Fiber One bar
L-1 pt Progresso Soup
S- 2 cups of fat free popcorn
D- ????

Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 18

Effect of the ice cream run last night: 163.2! Very happy with that. I plan to eat very good today so it won't hit me tomorrow either. I'd like to be 162.something tomorrow!
B-Fiber one bar, I had the oats & chocolate one today not bad but I think I like the PB ones better. Not sure if I should eat those until the FDA finds out what foods are tainted with the samonella. I don't know how to spell that but its close enough right?
L- 1 pt Progressive soup-roasted chicken & veggie (140 cal)
S- maybe some FF popcorn???
D- A client is having an open house for their restaurant that my boss is letting me go to! I get to take Steve with me so it should be fun. They are a Mongolian Stir-Fry & they are just opening. I'm a tax accountant so the fact that I get to go eat some of my clients' work is awesome-usually they manufacture something or another. It should be fun! Not sure what Mongolian Stir Fry is so I don't know how healthy that is for me.

Official date of 1st dress fitting: Feb 7th at 1:30pm! 3 weeks to keep on track! I've given a co-worker permission to get after me if I want to eat chocolate/bad snacks! She's a good shot with rubber bands. :)

More to come.....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 17

Morning weigh in: 163.0-not suprising.
I've read 100days' blog & got inspirired to set a mini goal of being in the 150s by the Feb 8th. Even if its 159.9! It will require some focus & discipline but I can do it!! 3 lbs in 3 weeks.
Woke up late-gotta love Sundays!
L-PB&J sandwich & pretzels (210+100 cal)
(planned)S-apple or orange after my workout
(planned) D- meatloaf & potatoes-which is Steve's favorite meal ever!!
I figure I'll make it now since I'm about ready to start tax season & our meals together don't seem to happen regularly then. Between my working so much & his schedule with school & work at the restaurant, our time together is VERY precious for the next 3 1/2 months!

exercise-plan strength training & treadmill workout
Good news about my studying progress-I've through reading all the chapters now I just have to review until I can say it in my sleep! This CPA exam is kicking my butt!!

What I actually had today:
S-the orange after my workout
D-another one of Steve's healthy chicken recipes
S- ouch this hurts putting this on here but I'm making myself be totally honest with myself & you guys. I went out for ice cream tonight!
When steve was making dinner I knew I had the craving for ice cream so I didn't eat as much dinner as I might have otherwise. When I get these strong sweet cravings, I let myself have them. I am on a diet but I want to keep this up for the rest of my life & if I deprive myself until our wedding, thats when I'll fall off the wagon. Just the way my mind works. This is a lifestyle change for me, and I'm being realistic when I say my lifestyle is going to include sweets sometimes.
Thank goodness for my workout though! Think how ugly the scale could be if I hadn't worked out, ate the extra amount at dinner AND ice cream! :(

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 16

Morning weigh in: 162.4!! YAY thats the lowest i've been since I started. Guess the not working out didn't hurt me except who knows what I could have been if I'd of done it.
I'm getting ready to hit the treadmill & weights after I get done typing this. Today we are going to get our passports for the honeymoon & go to a college bball game at 3. i'm hoping for a decent lunch so I won't want to snack on all the concession stand food at the game.
L- 3/4 of cheeseburger from Red Robin-SOOO not good for me but it tasted awesome
D- pepperoni pizza slices
I didn't eat much today but what I did eat was not healthy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 15

Morning weigh in 162.8. Wow what a difference one day of eating good can do!
B-Fiber One bar-I tried the oats & caramel one normally I eat the oats & PB but the caramel is good too!!
L-BBQ Beef (no bun only the beef), potato salad & baked beans
D- PB&J sandwich(210 cal) & baked cheetos chips (110 cal)

I've been really unmotivated to workout these last 2 days & am feeling like a fattie! I'm hoping that my eating was low enough to keep my weight down. I AM going to force myself to workout good tomorrow & Sunday!!
Anyone have any tips on how to motivate myself to workout? I tried the whole thinking about my dress thing & the looking at myself naked in mirror to disgust myself-still nothing! Oh tomorrow is another day!
Back to study for the exam I go for the rest of the night!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 14

Morning weigh in: 164.0-not suprising since I ate like crap yesterday.
I usually bring my lunch (& dinner now that its tax season) to work but this week we had 5 new people start so the company is taking us to lunch almost every day this week to welcome them. Thank goodness for that only being this week & starting 55+ hrs/week next week!
B- 110 cal granola bar
L- roasted chicken & noodle progresso light soup (ww 1pt or about 120 cal)
S- 100 cal of M&Ms
D-pb&j sandwich (210 cal) & 110 cal of pretzels

I'm a little sore in the arms today from my workout! :) I didn't workout today like I planned to-got home late from work & needed to study for the cpa exam. I know-no excuse but I promise I will exercise tomorrow since that was my planned day off!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 13

Morning weigh in 163.8 :)
B- 110 cal granola bar
L- Darn these company lunches!! I had 1 1/2 chicken enchiladas & some chips with salsa
S-mini butterfinger bar (work was stressful & needed chocolate! :)
D- salad with FF Italian dressing & 2 pieces of cheese pizza

Thank goodness for my plans to exercise tonight! Exciting news-Steve just booked our plane tickets to Belize for the honeymoon!!! We had the hotel/trip booked but not the plane tickets. We do now! :) Now I definetely have motivation to look hot in my swimsuit for the beach.

Exercise: treadmill workout at a 4.0 incline, lots of push ups, sit ups & dumbbell exercises for my arms.
Guess I inspired Steve to workout b/c after I finished, he jumped on the treadmill for a workout too. :)
Our 2 dogs (1 yr old yellow lab & 2 yr old boxer retreiver) wanted on the treadmill with him too!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 12

Morning weigh in: 163.5-just a little up so i'm not worried
B- granola bar (110 cal)
L- Vietnamese restaurant- beef, veggies & rice noodles. I only ate about 1/2 of the serving they gave me. I went with people from work & one said this is pretty healthy-at least not as bad as it could have been.
S-2 handful of M&Ms
D- 1/3 cup BBQ pork & 1/2 serving of potato salad

Back to exercise on Wed :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 12

Morning weigh in: 162.6 again! That makes me happy! :)
My thighs are sore from treadmill & Saturday's squats but nothing on the arms. Guess I'll have to push harder!!!
B- 2 granola bars-220 cal (these are quaker chewy bars with protein but they don't fill me up as much as the fiber one bars do)
L- 1 pt Progressive soup-chicken veg. rotinni (120 cal)
S- cheese, crackers, fruit & a bacardi twist drink (celebration party at work for 2 coworkers who passed the CPA exam this year. Maybe a party for me will be soon as I'm 1/2 way done & have 2 parts left to pass)
D-tomato soup & grilled cheese sandwich. Steve is feeling sick & that is always what he wants when he's sick. seems odd to me but whatever makes him feel better!
I'm taking today & tomorrow off for exercise.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 11

Morning weigh in-162.6! I think the water weight from my time of the month is gone & my workouts are doing some good. YAY!! I am sore today in my quads so I definetely think the wall slide squats did some good yesterday. While we were out shopping, Steve & I bought some dumbbells so I can strength training :)
L- 1/2 turkey & croissant (160 cal) & order of potato salad (200 cal) from mcalister's deli
S- 1/2 choc chip cookie from mcalister's (the sweetie that Steve is, he brought me this cookie b/c he knows how much i love them! but i only ate 1/2-maybe i'll be able to resist the rest of it but i'm not counting on it)
D- Steve is making his special herb chicken tonight-it is a healthy recipe that he got from the catering company he used to work for. I'm so excited b/c its so good & i know its not that bad for me! (Let me know if anyone wants the recipe & I'll post it)
Exercise- Treadmill with a higher incline, situps & a lot of arm dumbbell exercises. I think I'll be sore tomorrow as my arms were shaking on the last few I did. And my quads are still sore from yesterday's squats so the treadmill at a higher incline only added to it. YAY-I'm one of those weird people who LIKES to be sore :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 10

Morning weigh in: 164.6. YAY-under the 165 mark!!
B- (about noon) glass of milk & 5 mini reese's cups
L- 3/4 of a turkey sandwich & baked cheetos chips
D- pepperoni pizza
S- weight watchers ice cream treat
Exercise was doing strength training here at home today. I did dips, situps, pushups & wall slide squats. I really hope I'm sore tomorrow! I like being sore b/c it tells me I did enough to do some good but not too much.
I'm really dreading the treadmill for some reason today. So if I tell myself I can do strength training exercises then maybe I won't try to come up with a reason to not exercise at all. Its better than nothing right? And definetely better than lying on the couch & wanting to eat ice cream! :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 9

Morning weigh in: 165.4 Guess lunch & my workout evened out.
B- 2 granola bars
L- japanese steakhouse for yet another office birthday. I had some fried rice & KC strip.
S- 4 mini reese's cup
D- pb&j sandwich & pretzels

I'm really wanting to study all night so I think I'll take tonight off for exercise. My goal has been 4 days a week so with Wed & Thurs I've already done & to do Sat & Sunday will be good.

A bunch of us girls from work went to see Bride Wars this afternoon-I LOVED IT!!! It was great-all women should see it! Its so funny.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 8

Morning weigh in: 165.3-blah! I am not too discouraged but it was nice to be under 165 the last few days. Just more motivation to keep working out & to eat better!
Breakfast-granola bar (110 cal)
Lunch- 3 pieces of pizza. :( I was hungry after all that moving our work areas. Too bad I don't think I burned as many calories as I wanted to with the moving. I think it was more boredom hunger-a lot of standing around waiting for the technology people, furniture people, etc to get set up.
Dinner- turkey sandwich & baked cheetos chips
S-3 mini reese's cup & glass of milk
exercise-treadmill workout
Let's hope my lunch doesn't outweigh the workout & make the scale ugly again in the morning.

Steve had to work tonight so my plans are work out, study & watch the new Grey's tonight! :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 7

2 days of no workouts & not eating good= morning weigh-in of.....164.4, not bad at all! I am not going to get caught up on a lb or 2 fluctuation b/c that is normal on a daily basis. Plus that its my favorite week of the month (note sarcasm here) so I'm expected to be a little bloated this week.
Food wasn't great but wasn't horrible either today.
B- fiber one oats & PB bar
L-small bowl chili, hot dog, fruit & veggies & small slice of chocolate cake (i will be so happy once we are done celebrating birthdays here at work!)
D-PB&J sandwich and some reduced fat wheat thin chips

exercise- treadmill workout, 25 pushups & 50 situps
And...the exercise was a lot easier this time that it was this weekend! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 6

Today was yucky food day. We were out of town in KC & ate on the plaza at the Cheesecake factory for lunch.
L- fettucini with chicken (about 1/3 or 1/2 of lunch order)
D- 1 1/2 pieces of pepperoni pizza

Thank goodness for being back home tonight & able to work out and weigh in tomorrow!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 5

I was down another pound! To 163.6 this morning. This exercise is working-at least for now. Today was a tough food day & its not over yet. At my office we celebrate birthdays with lunches & lots of food-we had one today & one on Wednesday. I did coordinate this one so I opted for a soup bar thinking that might be healthier with fruit, veggies on the list too. I did pretty good considering how bad I could have been.
B-fiber one bar (1 WW pt)
L- red bell pepper soup, fruit, veggies & 5 crackers, 4 pieces of cheese & 3 cubes of meat. And yes...a cc cookie (my weakness) about (9 WW pts)
I'm not sure on dinner yet as Steve & I are heading out of town. My guess is he will want McDonalds-not good choice for food but I can do it!
exercise-none today :(

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 4

This is the 2nd post of the day since I didn't last night. I've had an okay day today-Steve had to work all day so I met him for a late lunch at On The Border (where he works while he's in school to become HS math teacher). I knew that it wouldn't be good for me but hey I wanted to spend some time with him. I did get a workout in before I met up with him though so I didn't feel quite as guilty.
L- 1/2 order of chicken quesadillas & some chips with salsa at OTB
D(will eat)-lettace with a few pepperoni for flavor & either ranch or italian dressing. I know I should have italian but i'd much rather have ranch. and some fruit I picked up at the grocery store (grapes, watermelon & cantelope-sp?)
S-probably a popsicle which is 1 pt on weight watcher scale

Exercise- a light treadmill workout, lots of stretching b/c i'm still a little sore, situps & dips.

Tomorrow starts the hard part-I've been off work these last few days so it'll be a challenge to figure out the timing for exercise, eating right & working with studying. I'm going to be out of town tom night & Tuesday so I'll try to blog but it may be Tues night before I post about Monday & Tuesday.

Day 3-just a little late

I didn't get yesterday's post done so I'm doing it this morning. I weighed this morning & it was 164.6. It doesn't suprise me that it seems like I'm losing a lot this week-before Christmas week I'd been holding steady at 165 so the 168 was a big shock & probably wasn't a true weight-just water weight. Its a great ego booster that the scale has gone down almost 4lbs with my workouts though!
Blogging has definetely helped b/c I wanted to eat a frozen pizza for lunch but then thought "do i really want to blog about frozen pizza" Yesterdays food was pretty light as in the evening I felt full even before we had dinner so I only made myself eat alittle. I didn't get up yesterday until about 1:00 (maybe I was coming down with something) so I ate:
L- turkey sandwich & pretzels
S- glass of 2% milk
D- few bits of salad (they had drown it in ranch dressing when I asked for ff-italian) and about 1/4 of piece of lasanga at Johnny Carino's
I took the day off from exercise but stretched as my hamstrings are pretty sore from Day 1 & 2's workouts.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 1 & 2

Yesterday started my first day of working out so it was actually 149 days to the wedding. I have a disability that prevents me from being able to exercise like 'normal'-ie can't run but I'm not letting that stop me from working out. If anything I've done enough physical therapy in my life to know what exercises will help what areas of my body.
I work as a tax accountant so to add to the fun of trying to lose 20 lbs in 150 days-I'll be working 55-60 hrs a week & studying for the CPA exam. I'm still trying to figure out time schedules for getting everything done-work, exercise & studying. Good news is most of the plans for the wedding that have to be done by mid-April are taken care of. Either I'm smart or just a compulsive planner. LOL
So here are my ugly stats (which I'm very embarrassed to post):
Beginning weight on Dec 29th: 168.6
This mornings weight (Jan 2): 165.4 (down 3.2!)
I have worked out yesterday & today on my treadmill at home, done sit ups & push ups & the dips. The parts of my body that I hate the most are my stomach & arms but my thighs aren't pretty either.
So food for today:
B-glass 2% milk
S- some hershey kisses (thank goodness they are gone & not sitting out to tempt me anymore!)
L-PB&J sandwich & baked cheetos chips
D-unknown so far-probably some soup or grilled chicken

Steve is at work tonight so its just me for dinner but I have the house to myself to get some more good quality studying done!