Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 58

Morning weigh in was good again-159.2!
B- Fiber One Bar (150 cal)
L- beef enchilada, chips/salsa & rice/beans from Carlos O'Kellys that work is bringing in. YUM!
D- smart ones baked ziti pasta (320 cal)

Exercise-depending on how late I work today I'd like to get a workout in but not sure if that'll happen. Definetely tomorrow though! YAY for exercise & focusing on getting down to 149.9 by April 15th.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 57

Morning weigh in was on the right track: 159.9! I've got a mini goal to be 149.9 by the end of tax season which is April 15th. It's going to be tough but I can focus on working out in my spare time now. I can do it-I've got to so that I look good in our wedding pictures! "Is that food/snack worth hating the way I look in wedding pics for REST of our lives?" is my new motto!!!
B- Fiber One bar
L- I have my 1st mentor lunch with my new mentee today! I'm excited b/c he picked my fav restaurant. :) I always get a toasted turkey sandwich, salad with creamy dressing & we'll have to have some gelato. mmmm the best part!!!
D- 1 pt soup since I'm working late tonight

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 56

Morning weigh in 160.6
I'm exhausted today-our puppy that got fixed the other day has had to be an inside dog since we need to limit his activity for a few days. He made us pay for it last night-whined & barked all night long. He just didn't want to be in his kennel b/c he'd been in it during the day. (they are never in their kennels during the day unless its raining out & we aren't home). I think he let me sleep about 3 hrs last night. Being tired usually isn't a good thing when I'm trying to avoid snacking....
B- Fiber One bar
L- 1/2 chicken caesar salad
S- small piece of chocolate
D- smart ones chicken enchiladas
S- WW 1 pt fudgesicle

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 55

It's done!!! I won't know if I passed or not for about 3-4 weeks but the test is over! Can't do anything about it now. It went....okay...not great but not horrible either. It is such a hard test to judge on how I did. Now it's the waiting game.
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal) & it was my energy for the test
L- Subway sandwich & sun chips & a celebration cookie
S- I hear there are "mid-week munchies" down the hall that might start calling my name about mid to late afternoon. I deserve it right? The dedicated diet starts tomorrow!!
D- 1 pt soup

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 54

It's Fat Tuesday & my body has decided to follow with that motto for the day. It was ugly-162.0! The test is tomorrow morning so I'm done studying. Tonight is going to be a relaxing night with dinner with my sweetie, nice workout to clear my head & hanging out with my puppies (one of them got fixed today so I'm thinking he's going to be sulking tonight & just want to snuggle).
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- 1 pt soup (140 cal)
S- let's try to avoid girl scout cookies today
D- pizza & girl beer

E-nice & slow workout since it's been ages since I've worked out & I'm doing it mostly to clear my head before the test

Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 53

Morning weigh in: 160.6. I have yo-yo'd my weight for 2 weeks preparing for this exam but if gaining weight means I pass then I can handle that. Its more important for me to get this over with than to have to lose 3 more lbs.
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- 1 pt soup (140 cal)
S- I might be in trouble, Girl Scout cookies got delivered today & I already put a box of thin mints in the freezer here at work. Frozen thin mints are weakness of mine-even more than ice cream!!!
D- rest of chicken alfredo from sunday (400 cal), bread & butter (100 cal)

I caved on my snack this afternoon. It was a horrible day at work. I will officially be a fatty for the next week or so. Not even sure I will weigh in tomorrow but I probably should just so I don't let myself spiral out of control.

And tons of studying tonight! Almost done-less than 48 hours away :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 52

I didn't weigh in today & didn't eat real healthy either so I'm scared for tomorrow's weigh in.

L- 1/2 chicken alfredo from old chicago (400 cal??), garlic bread (150 cal?) & mt dew (200 cal)

S- sunkist pop (200 cal)

D- tomato soup (90 cal) grilled cheese sandwich (200 cal)

S- 100 cal weight watcher fudge bar

I never usually waste calories on pop b/c I drink Diet but for some reason I was bad with it today. My total calories ended up being 1340 which is only about 100 over about what I try to stay at every day but it wasn't good for me food.

Below is a picture of our view standing in the middle of our lot-where our new house is going to be built! They think they'll start digging the basement in about a week or week & half. I can't wait to be sitting on our deck this summer with the grill going & a drink in hand! :) (Plus we'll be married & I'll be skinny then right?!)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 51

Crazy to think that in less than 100 days I'll be a married woman! I'm SOOO excited! :)
Morning weigh in: 158.8 whoo hoo! now the trick will be not to sabatage myself in the last 4 days until my exam. I usually allow myself whatever I want to eat b/c I'm so stressed about the test the days right before the exam. I have to go to the store today or tomorrow-we'll see if I can resist the easy to make junk food or if I can find healthy alternatives....
B- Fiber One Bar (150 cal)
L- I think the office is bringing in Chinese for today's lunch
D- subway sandwich & harvest cheddar sun chips
S- ice cream while I'm studying all night?????

I know if I got a quick workout in this weekend that it would make me feel better & lower my stress-just not sure if I can swing it w/o the guilt of not studying during that time.....

Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 50

I guess this is what I get for complaining that I've been steady at 159.9 b/c this morning I was 160.6! Boo! I am hoping it is water weight from the salty chips/salsa & soft tacos I had yesterday.
B-Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- lettuce with light italian dressing (maybe 150 cal???) 2 crackers (85 cal?)
S- 100 cal snack pack
D- smart ones chicken enchiladas (280 cal)
S- working late so maybe some popcorn or another 100 cal snack pack

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 49

I'm stuck! The scale has said 159.9 for 3 days in a row now. Granted I'd rather it be stuck than going up but I hate plateau's with a passion. It gets frustrating & I'm not a patient person by any means.
We had a little house drama yesterday-the developer double sold our lot! Steve stopped by & saw them digging our basement. Which we thought was odd b/c we haven't signed off on plans yet but that was still exciting. Until the realtor called & said that he thought the developer had double sold our lot & it wasn't our basement they were digging! So after some negiotating, we settled on a new bigger lot for just 500 bucks more. I sure made the developer pay though! He's losing 3,000 in the deal-HA HA. That was my win for the day I guess!
On to food for the day,
B-Fiber One bar
L- Soft tacos, chips & salsa (a celebration lunch with a co-worker as we both got promoted this week!)
D- 1 pt soup
S- 100 cal snack pack

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 48

Morning weigh in steady at 159.9
B- Fiber One Bar (150 cal)
S- Fruit & a few crackers/cheese & sausage for our mid-week munchies day
L- 1/2 chef salad with ranch dressing on the side
D- smart ones rice & beans (290 cal)
S- WW fudgesicle

My test is a week from today. I'm flipping out over it. I should have taken a diagnostic test last night but I was scared of what my score would be so I chickened out & just studied the gov'tal section more.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 47

Morning weigh in: 159.9
B- Fiber One bar
L- 1 pt soup
S- 100 cal snack pack
D- spegetti

Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 46

Damage from Valentine's weekend: 160.8. I didn't think I ate THAT terrible but I guess so. Well motivation to be extra good this week I suppose.
B-Fiber One bar
L- chicken caesar salad with hardly any dressing on it. Kind of bland but I figured this was a hint that I shouldn't have ordered this today.
S- orange (85 cal)
D- ????

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 45

I refused to weigh in this morning due to the steak & mashed potatoes from last night. It would have been yucky so hoping waiting a day would even it out.
L- PB&J sandwich & pretzels
D- frozen pepporoni pizza
S- WW fudgesicle

I haven't had time to exercise lately due to my focus on working 55-60 hrs week, house decisions & studying all the time. My extra time (ha ha thats funny! b/c I have no 'extra' time) that I am focusing on studying now will turn to workout time after Feb 25th!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 44

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm at work now & my sweetie was still sleeping when I left. We are going to dinner tonight at this awesome steakhouse. Mmmmm steak & potatoes That makes me happy!!
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- Italian so probably little of lasanga & lots of salad (work buys our lunches on Saturday when we work during tax season)
D- steak & mashed potatoes
S- weight watcher fudgesicle

Morning weigh in: 159.0 That makes me happy too! I've only gone up 0.2lbs in a whole week & I didn't think this week was very healthy at all. Only 11 days until my test so that stress hasn't helped my eating or weight either. But no excuses right?!

Friday, February 13, 2009


I was tagged by 100 days ( to list 6 things that make me smile.

1. Steve, he can make me laugh no matter what. I can be in the worst of moods & the second he acts like he is going to tickle me I'm instantly giggling. Even when I try to fight the giggles, it never works.

2. My puppies Ramsey & Buster. No matter if
I've just yelled at them for doing something wrong, I know I can lay out the blanket on the couch & they will instantly jump on it to snuggle with me. And they are both over 100lbs each so thats a lot of puppy to meet me at the door every day.

3. My family. I grew up with a very sarcastic Dad & little brother who can always make me laugh. Its been a few years since I've lived with them so I sometimes forget how they can make a joke out of anything that is said.

4. Seeing the scale go down or being able to buy clothes a smaller size :)

5. Chocolate, yes I know that #4 & 5 don't go together but chocolate makes everything feel better even if its just for a minute or two. Its like when we were younger & having someone kiss a bruise was going to make it stop hurting. It did even if it was just for a second! :)

6. The idea of our honeymoon. I've never seen the ocean so the fact that the beaches of Belize is going to be my 1st memory-I'm so excited!! They are suppose to be some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I have a picture of a Belize beach as my desktop of my computer at work, sometimes that is the way I get through a crazy day in tax season-to know that once tax season is over, its almost our wedding & honeymoon. Only 106 days until our wedding & 107 until the honeymoon :)

Day 43

Morning weigh in: 159.9- Thank you Jesus for not having to see those ugly 160s this morning! :)
Its snack day here at the office, lots & lots of sugar down the hall. Thank goodness its a ways away from my desk :)
B- one choc chip cookie, carrots & celery with dip
S- more veggies
L- smart ones baked ziti pasta (320 cal)
S-??? let's see if I can avoid the sugar
D- 1 pt soup (140 cal)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 42

Morning weigh in just like I thought: 160.6!!! Now instead of feeling bad about going back into the 160s, it just makes me mad/frustrated at myself. Today I'm super determined to eat healthy & make tomorrow morning a prettier picture. I've heard of water weight, is there such a thing as sugar cookie weight? :)
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
S- orange (85 cal)
L- smart ones chicken enchiladas (290 cal)
S- another orange (85 cal)
D- 1 pt soup (140 cal)
That will put me at 750 cal for the day. I know I'm suppose to have 1200 but since I feel like I ate 3000 yesterday (I didn't but it wasn't good cal count) I suppose the 2 days will even out right?

I had commented on 'Counting down's' blog when she was asking for ideas on how to quit snacking. Obviously I didn't listen to myself yesterday but I do have a quote taped on my computer at work that usually helps with the want to snack. It's "Is that snack/food worth hating the way I look in wedding pics for REST of our lives?" I just wanted to pass it along & maybe it'll help others like it (usually) helps me!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 41

Morning weigh in: 158.8
We picked brick for the new house this morning! But since we had that appt I walked out of the house w/o breakfast. So I gave in to our "midweek munchies" that the company provides for us during tax season.....cookies!
So today's food looks like:
B- sugar cookie & choc chip cookie
L- 1/2 ham sandwich & some BBQ chips (250 cal & 200 cal)
S- Darn these valentine day sugar cookies here at the office! I had one that was shaped like lips :)
D- taco meat, hard taco shells broken up to make salad, salsa & little bit of shredded cheese & some spanish rice

Todays food is going to make the morning weigh in ugly!!! I'm hoping to keep it at 160 or under, I feel like a tub of lard after the crap I ate today!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 40

Holy cow I've been at this 40 days? That means only 110 until our wedding!
Morning weigh in: 159.6, not bad but not amazing either
B- Banana & Fiber One bar (90+150 cal)
L- 1 pt soup
S- 100 cal snack
D- grilled chicken wrap & a few tator tots from Sonic

Only 15 days left until my next section of the CPA exam. Starting to freak out alittle but last nights' studying helped as I was getting stuff right. That always calms my nerves alittle :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 39

Morning weigh in 159.7
I'm going to combine yesterdays & todays blogs since I didn't blog yestersday. I didn't weigh in yesterday since it was almost 1:00 when I got up. I didn't eat a lot but it wasn't real healthy. Pizza for lunch & a PB&J sandwich with pretzels for dinner. I did have a handful of M&Ms and 2 mini reese's cups as snacks.
Today is a new day though!
B-Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L-Smart ones rice & beans (310 cal)
S- 100 cal snack pack
D- Steve's chicken & rice meal that I love so much. And its healthy!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 37

The morning of the dressing fitting!!! I'm so excited. Its been almost 6 months since I've seen my dress & I can't wait.
Morning weigh in was even better news: 158.8! I love this losing weight stuff :)
B-Fiber One bar
L- PB&J sandwich & baked chips (between work & the dressing fitting)
D- We went to Logan's roadhouse....i had 1 roll, one cheese stick, caesar salad, 6 oz steak & baked potato
My parents, little brother & his gf will be in town for the dressing fitting & then to go tour the model house like ours. We'll go out to dinner but I'll just have to make smart choices!
Hope everyone has a great weekend! Its suppose to be 65 here! And just about 5 days ago the wind chill was 6 degrees! Crazy KS weather!!!

Dress fitting: I still am in love with my dress!!! The lady didn't want to let out the side much but when it was zipped up I could hardly breathe! And where it was tight was my ribs-I can't lose weight on my ribs as I don't have fat there. But situps might help just a little so that is my new area of focus along with cardio to get rid of fat layers. And oh yeah my arms need help too! But my dress fits my body well b/c my mom & Brittney both used the words "skinny". Its been a LONG time since that word & my name were in a sentence. LOL

Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 36

Morning weigh in: 159.0!!! Ok now that I've been in the 150s for 3 days-time to set a new mini-goal. How about to get to the 140s by April 1st. Thats 9 lbs in 7 1/2 weeks. VERY possible. My overall goal is about 145 so then that would leave 5 lbs to wrap up the 6 weeks before the wedding. I can do this!!!
We got a new Eddie Bauer mag in the mail the other day & they had swimsuits on sale. I don't even want to think about putting my body in a swimsuit yet! Ewww!!!
B-Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- chef salad with ranch dressing on the side
S- 100 cal snack pack
D- 1 pt soup (140 cal)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 35

I was scared to weigh in today b/c I felt bloated but it was the same-159.9! YAY!!
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- taco salad (650 cal-it had taco meat, some cheese, lettace & salsa and some chips to have with the salsa. I might have overstated the cal a little but its better to put too much rather than not enough. The sodium b/c of the chips might make tomorrow's weigh in ugly-:(
S- mini chocolate bar (85 cal)
D- 1 pt soup (140 cal)
S- weight watchers 1 pt fudgesicle

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 34

I DID IT!!! 159.9 this morning!! Who knew celebrating & eating a Sonic oreo blast would get me into the 150s!
B-Fiber One bar (150 cal)
S- strawberries & cantaloupe
L- chicken caesar salad
D- 1 pt chicken noodle soup (140 cal)

Working late tonight so probably no exercise or studying tonight :(

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 33

Morning weigh in: 161.0, I'm hoping its water weight as its just a few days before that time of the month so I'm probably bloated. I've got to keep focused this week so that I don't go over. I still want to get to the 150s by Saturday but that will take some huge focus.
B-Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- 1 pt soup (140 cal)
S- 100 cal snack pack
D-burger & a few fries
S- i feel guilty writing this but I've gotta face the music. We went out to celebrate b/c our offer was accepted & we officially are building a house! Should be done end of June. But I had an oreo Sonic blast & Steve had ice cream cone (I know it was bad of me but I wanted to celebrate so bad b/c it was our 1st house & we are building it)
Tomorrow is another day I suppose....
Off to studying as only 21 days until my next test!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 32

Morning weigh in 160.6-this week I'm going to be very focused as my 1st dress fitting is Saturday.
B-Fiber One bar
L- chicken & bacon sandwich & side salad with ranch on the side
S- 100 cal snack thin oreos pack
D-breakfast for dinner

We are official home-bidders! We submitted an offer to the builder & should know no later than Wed if he accepts. We are going to do it even if he doesn't accept our lower price but hey it can't hurt to ask! So our timetable looks like we'll come back from the honeymoon, be about ready to see the paint, flooring go in & do a walkthrough. We want to close by June 29th so we can get a 1st time homebuyers' tax credit! Gotta close before July 1 to get that though so it'll be close!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 31

Thank goodness yesterday I must have been retaining water b/c today's weigh in was back to 160.4.
Not sure how food is going to be today. We have an appt with the realtor at 1:30 & we'll eat something before that.
Then we still don't have plans for super bowl-it may be healthy but I'm doubting it. Just will have to keep my quantity small.