Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 89

Morning weigh in: 160.2-consistency is a good thing.
B- Fiber One bar (150)
L- Soup (150)
S- 100 cal chocolate
D- we didn't have Steve's chicken meal last night b/c I worked late but we are having it tonight. Yum! I can't wait to go home at 7:30 & eat dinner with my soon-to-be hubby in 61 days!! :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 88

Morning weigh in: 160.2- it's a heck of a lot better than the 162 nonsense I saw a few days ago. I still think my scale was just lying to me.
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- soup (150 cal)
S- 2 Reese's PB Cups (170 cal )-it's a BAD work day :(
D- Steve's chicken recipe-maybe if I can get home from work in time

Hours just got kicked up to minimum 70 charge hours. I don't think I'm going to have time to sleep, let alone eat healthy or exercise :( Guess I'll be a fatty for 17 more days!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 87

Still didn't weigh in this morning but I don't like the feeling of not weighing in. I'm scared I'll think I'm doing fine but gain it all back in the next 2 weeks so I think I'll weigh in tomorrow & face the music.
No breakfast as I slept in.
L- subway sandwich 375 cal, chips 150 cal & diet coke
D- idk yet, i need to get groceries on my way home from work tonight so we'll see what looks good there

I've decided that I won't take my next test until after the wedding. I was going to squeeze one in between now & then but I know I won't be able to focus on it fully & I'll just throw $300 bucks away & discourage myself when I don't pass. Plus I'm only going to get to plan a wedding once so why not enjoy every minute of it! Then I can really buckle down & focus on studying after the wedding.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 86

It felt weird not to weigh in this morning but oh well-lets see if this works for me. Its a blizzard outside today. I actually left work about 8 last night-wanted to work until 11 or 12 but Steve wanted me home so that I was safe. Guess I'll work all day today & some on Sunday when the weather is suppose to be better. He'll be studying all day anyways so I'll sneak away to the office for a few hours.
B- Fiber one bar
L- working is bringing in KFC so fried chicken, mashed potatoes & a roll i'm guessing
S- some type of chocolate candy
S- hot cocoa sounds awesome right now so probably some of that too
D- soup probably

Today's the 1st day I haven't been sore since my exercise with the stairs. I think I need to do that once every 2 weeks or so :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 85

Ok I've been avoiding writing this blog but I'm eating lunch so might as well do it.
My scale &/or body fat officially hate me! I don't know how but the scale says I gained like 4lbs in one day. I don't believe it. I always weigh in the mornings (after bathroom of course to get those last .2 lbs outta me :)
We just got the email last week to kick our hours up to minimum 60 & we got a "please work more than the minimum & we will re-evaluate min hrs again on Monday" email this morning.
So my new plan is for the next 19 days (yes I have a countdown until April 15th)
1) try to eat healthy but not count calories/points, etc
2) work as much as possible (only work & sleep)
3) not weigh until 4/15 as the numbers on the scale stress me out, which doesn't help at all

I will still blog my food b/c I love getting the comments & need to keep myself somewhat accountable. And I'm enough of a numbers nerd that as I'm writing down my food, I'll be calculating the calories in my head but hey I can't have everything right? :)

Today's food:
B- Fiber One bar
L- 1/2 chicken caesar salad
S- 100 cal snack
D- soup
S- 100 cal snack

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 84

Morning weigh in: 158.8-still really sore from the stairs on Tuesday so I'm hoping I'm still retaining a little water weight....maybe, sorta, kinda??? HA HA
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
S-A ton of Grapes!!! (200 cal)
L- smart ones rice & beans (310 cal)
S- 100 cal snack
D- soup (150 cal)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 83

Oh dear God I hope I'm just retaining water weight-159.6. How can I gain over 1.5 lbs in one day? My legs are REALLY sore from the stairs yesterday & we did eat Japanese so that had a lot of sodium. Please let that be it! HA HA
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
S- Grapes (50 cal)
S- birthday cake (350 cal-yikes!!!)
L- smart ones chicken enchiladas (290 cal)
S- we are having a work stress break called March Madness-something to do with basketball & paper bballs. Will be ice cream treat (300 cal)
D- Soup (150 cal)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 82

Morning weigh in: 158.2 my scale slowly keeps getting less & less. Thats a good trend.
Not sure today is going to be a good day food-wise. At work, we have mentors to help us through our career & I have my 1st mentor lunch with my new mentor (just switched to a partner in the firm that specializes in non-profits audit, which I'm trying to specialize in non-profit tax so it's perfect!) Plus the fact that a partner accepted a 3rd year staff as a mentee really has me excited!! And then for dinner, Steve & I plan to go out to enjoy him being home.

B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- mentor lunch- chicken swarma sandwich (mediterranean type of food)
D- date night with Steve ??????

*update* Lunch was awesome! I learned so much & SOOO glad that I switched. Also I got my exercise in for the day-right as we were leaving the elevators had stopped working & we work on the 17th floor. There is a door on the 4th floor at the top of the parking garage but I still had to walk down 13 flights of stairs! My legs are going to be burning tomorrow I can already tell!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 81

Morning weigh in: 158.6
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- Smart Ones Pasta (310 cal)
S- small piece of chocolate (85 cal)
D- ????

I pick Steve up from the airport at 5:15 tonight. YAY!! I've missed him! Poor guy said he still had a fever & chills last night. Sure hope he's better by tonight so he doesn't pass it to me. That would be horrible to happen to me right now! 23 more days until tax season is over! Whoo Hoo!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 80

Didn't weigh in this morning b/c I slept so late. That felt awesome! I worked almost 68 hours in 6 days this week-no wonder I felt exhausted last night.
L- PB&J Sandwich (200 cal) & cheetos (160 cal)
D- Sonic jr burger, tator tots & ice cream blast (a treat to myself he he)

I'm going to workout, study & doing some wedding stuff today. :)
Just talked to Steve & he's sick. Poor guy has a 102 fever & the chills-not typical hangover from the bachelor party. If I can't be there to take care of him, thankfully his mama can be since he's staying with her. :)

Question to you all: what did you get your bridesmaids', hubby to be & parents for gifts? We are trying to think of ideas but I'm coming up with a blank. I have an idea for the girls but nothing for Steve or our parents'.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 79

Well I avoided the ice cream on the way home last night!! Major feat for me b/c usually when I want ice cream that bad I can't say no to it.
Morning weigh in: 158.8-I guess the stress of not knowing my score has gone away so my lbs are slipping back to what they were. I'd still like to get to 149.9 by April 15th-which is only 24 days away so I'm scared I won't get there. But I'll still try my hardest!
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- work is buying BBQ today-so probably some BBQ meat (leave off the bun b/c I'm not a huge fan & its just extra cals), some baked beans & potato salad
S- few pieces of chocolate (300 cal)
D-worked late tonight so I had a PB&J sandwich (200 cal) & cheetos (160 cal)

Plan for tomorrow:
-sleep in!!! YAY!!!
-scan some pics that I got from Steve's mom so I can finish up the video of us growing up for the reception
-treadmill & dumbbell workout
-start studying again
-maybe even go over wedding invites that need to be changed/finished (this is last one my list b/c I could wait until next weekend or the one after that to do it)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 78

Morning weigh in 159.6
I got my exam score today. Not good-a 57. Passing is 75. Back to the studying grind it is for me.

B-Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- a little bit of comfort food- 1/2 chicken caesar salad (500 cal)
S- i'm sure i'll need chocolate-with my feelings about the exam i'll be suprised if I don't need ice cream on my way home tonight too! :(
D- smart ones pasta (300 cal)
S- Sonic ice cream blast??? (1 million bazillion cal)

Why not be fat & stupid today! HA HA j/k I just need a day to complain before I get back into studying. I promise I'll be in a better mood tomorrow

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 77

Same morning weigh in. Today Steve leaves for his bachelor party in SC until Monday. I'm hoping that I can work lots, workout & eat healthy while he's gone.
B-Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- smart ones rice & beans (320 cal)
S- 2 pieces of chocolate (170 cal)
D- soup (150)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 76

Morning weigh in: 159.8 (hey its down from yesterday! only 0.1 but it stopped the going up cycle for a day)
B- granola bar (100), carrots & celery for "mid-week munchies" this week (100)
L- chicken caesar salad (500)
S- chocolate mini bar (85 cal)
D- Soup (150)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 75

Morning weigh in: 159.9-WTH??? I'm very frustrated with the scale & myself lately which I know doesn't help with stress & extra lbs.
B- the office cooked a St Patty's Day breakfast of green eggs, green pancakes & sausage. I only had a bite of eggs, 1 pancake & 2 sausage links (325 cal?)
L- grilled chicken wrap & potato salad (700 cal)
D- soup (150 cal)

We picked our flooring (vinyl & carpet), countertops, tile backsplash for the new house today! Crazy to think we made all those decisions in 2 hours. I am horrible at going back & forth on things so it probably was good that we made decisions all at once.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 74

Morning weigh in: 159.4 but I expected that since I had Mongolian BBQ yesterday & its pretty sodium based. Hope its water weight!
No score yet....its going to stress me out! I have a feeling I'll get it Friday while Steve's gone to South Carolina. And I'll either need to celebrate or be comforted.
B- 2 quaker chewy granola bars (200 cal)
L- smart ones enchiladas (290 cal)
S- chocolate bar (250 cal)
D- its nice out so maybe we'll grill out :)
burger, baked beans & a few baked french fries

I need to exercise tonight!

They kicked up our hours so we are now at mandatory 60 charge hours a week. I did 63 last week but I liked knowing that I only had to do 55. I felt more productive when I was doing over what was asked. But oh well, bigger bonus check in May so thats always good! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 73

Morning weigh in 158.8
L- 1/3 chicken alfredo (300 cal?) & mt dew (180 cal)
D- my clients' mongolian stir fry restaurant-didn't have much b/c the rice wasn't too good this time (500 cal)

My CPA exam score should come sometime this week. I'm really scared for it! Its been 2 1/2 weeks since I took it & it seems the longer time goes, the worst I feel about it. I think its b/c I forget about the parts that I did do right & only remember the parts I did wrong on. And its easy to 2nd guess myself later. But I need a 75 to pass & I'm really hoping I got it. I know it seems silly but I had a dream last week that I got a 76. Maybe dreams do come true? :)

Steve leaves Thursday to go back to his hometown in South Carolina for his bachelor party this weekend. I'm excited he gets to see all his friends & family but wish I could go with him. :(

We get to make house decisions on Tuesday morning (carpet, vinyl, countertops & backsplash) so thats exciting. And we looked & picked out wedding bands today! And its awesome b/c mine is on sale too! :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 72

Ok I'm so frustrated I'm about ready to say forget this losing weight crap! I weighed in this morning at 159.0! WTH? I can only do so much between working tax season hours, sleeping & semi feeling like a person who has a life but then to add being a fatty & needing to lose weight too? I'm so frustrated!!!! I am not willing to go on a super strick diet for the next 78 days just so I can be 145 on my wedding day-I want to be able to keep it off! Why was the BMR calculator working for like 5 days & now I feel like its against me? :(

B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- 2 small slices of pizza (work is buying lunch again) (600 cal)
S- IDK yet but I'm sure I'll need something to munch on
D- smart ones chicken quesadilla (220 cal)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 71

Morning weigh in: 158.8. I'm wondering if since for the last few days I've been under on my cal count & my scale has been rising that my body is not liking that I haven't been eating enough. So I'm going to make myself eat AT LEAST 1200 cal!
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
S- to die for mint cheesecake (300 cal)
L- 1/2 chef salad w/ranch dressing (400 cal)
D- turkey sandwich & harvest cheddar sun chips (280+220 cal)

Ok so dinner put me at 1350 cal for the day but i'm still ok with that. Its less than the 1500 that I need just to lay in bed all day so I'm good right? HA HA i'm kidding!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 70

Morning weigh in: 158.4

B-Fiber One Bar (150 cal)

L- 1 Smart ones quesadilla (220 cal)

S- 2 small pieces of chocolate (170 cal) today is a crazy day at work-I needed it today :)

D- soup (150 cal)

Still gives me some wiggle room if needed :)

Our basement is poured for our new house! Picture below

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 69

Morning weigh in: 158.4 I'm going to be good today so that I can stop this slow climb back up the scale!
I've been doing great at drinking only water in the afternoons. I have always been a diet coke/diet dr pepper addict but I've started to at least make the afternoons be water. I'm sure its better for my skin & some day it might show up in the scale.
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- smart ones chicken enchiladas (310 cal)
S- Its chocolate day for our mid-week munchies but I was SOO good & only got a sliver of 1/2 of chocoalte ball (100 cal)
S- Another small piece of chocolate (85 cal)
D- soup (150 cal)

Still waiting on my score for the CPA exam....could be any time in the next few weeks! I'm nervous.....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 68

Morning weigh in: 158.2, eh its alright considering I had about 275 cal in girl scout cookies last night. I am frustrated with myself for eating them b/c I wasn't hungry, just bored. We were watching tv last night & I got bored & decided to snack. I still was at about 1400 cal for the day yesterday which is still under my BMR # but not what I like to stay at. :( Today's a new day though!
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- soup (150 cal)
S- 100 cal fat free popcorn
S- 85 cal chocolate
D- Steve cooked again-spagetti (500 cal)

Exercise-treadmill workout

Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 67

Morning weigh in 157.8! I'm so excited to finally be losing weight again after being stuck for so long.
Last nights dinner & snack changed when Steve said he'd bring home some On The Border. So I had 2 beef enchiladas & some chips with queso. It was so good & since I'd only had 400 cal all day I didn't feel too guilty!
B- 2 quaker chewy granola bars (200 cal)
L- soup (150 cal)
S- small piece of chocolate (85 cal)
D- pizza (700 cal)

I changed my layout so I could see my weight loss ticker at the bottom of the page better. I am only 12.8 away from my goal. And I've now lost 10.8 since the beginning of January! Gotta keep it up! 83 days left until I'm a married woman! :)
"Is that food worth hating the way I look in our wedding pics for the REST of our lives?"

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 66

Morning weigh in 159.0-thats ok since the ice cream was so good last night! :)
L- 2 soft tacos from taco bell (400 cal)
D- PB&J sandwich (200 cal), pretzels (120 cal)
S- girl scout cookies (300 cal)-Steve couldn't say no to the little girl at Lowe's today who said "today is your last day to buy cookies, do you want any?" :)
E- treadmill workout later tonight while Steve is at work for a few hours.

We have a basement dug! The walls aren't poured yet but we now own a hole in the ground! :) I forgot my camera today when we went out to mark our property lines but I'm hoping Steve will take it with him tomorrow when he goes out by it. :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 65

Morning weigh in 158.0! WooHoo let's do the "i'm going to be a healthy bride in 85 days dance!" :)
B- 2 granola bars (200 cal)
L- chicken bacon wrap & pasta salad (300+50 cal)
D- this is where I'm going to be bad.....Sonic jr burger (310 cal) & ice cream M&M blast (600 cal) ouch!!! That puts me at 1460 for the day, which with a workout & counting this as my cheat day I suppose is alright. Just have to make sure I workout today & Sunday!!!

Exercise-treadmill & dumbbell workout tonight

Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 64

Morning weigh in: 158.6!! I love this new BMR calculation of calories I need to eat to lose weight! Thanks Irene!
B-Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- 1/2 chef salad with ranch dressing (450 cal-seems high but I'd rather count high than too low??)
S- 1 Reese's PB Cup 80 cal
S- 100 cal snack pack
D- soup (150 cal)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 63

Morning weigh in: 159.8, hey the scale moved & it was down. Not by anything to brag about but it was down. :)
B-Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- 1 pt soup (140 cal)
S- small piece of chocolate (85 cal)
D- subway sandwich & harvest cheddar chips after I get my haircut (450+200 cal)
S- girl scout cookies (200 cal)

didn't exercise....our puppy wasn't happy about having to be in the kennel today. normally they are in the backyard but the fence is so rotted out that they get out all the time so we'd decided that we would kennel them during the day while we are at work until we move into the new house. not really happy about it but its what we needed to do so we weren't throwing $ into our rental. Well he got out of his kennel (not sure how b/c it was locked) and clawed/chewed up the carpet & door frame so much that we are going to have to replace it! so much for not having to put $ into a rental. we want to keep our landlord on our really good side so she lets us out of our lease when we want to move in July (like she said she would-we just don't want her to go back on it)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 62

Morning weight is the same.
B- Breakfast cassorole (250 cal) & some fruit (50 cal)
L- Smart Ones rice & beans (310 cal)
S- ice cream bar for our office olympics (a stress break from tax season) (180 cal)
D- Soup (150 cal)

That'll get me to 940 cal so I still have some wiggle room to get me to 1250 which is my goal for the day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 61

I'm stuck! At 159.9! Granted this week Aunt Flo comes to visit so I probably should just be thankful that I'm stuck rather than going up but it's still frustrating!
We have a countdown on our fridge for days left until tax season is over & until our wedding. We only have 89 days until the wedding! So exciting yet I am freaking out b/c I wanted to lose 15 more lbs. And 15lbs in 3 months is quite a bit! So HELP!! I'm going to kick up my workouts since they are pretty much none right now & start drinking more water. Any other ideas??
B-Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- Healthy Choice Chicken & Dumpling Soup (180 cal)
S- small piece of chocolate (85 cal)
S- hot chocolate (80 cal)
D- 1 pt soup b/c I decided to work late (140 cal)
S- girl scout cookies (300 cal??)

I just found out my BMR is 1539 so thats what I need to stay the same weight if I would just lay in bed all day and little to no exercise means BMRx1.2=cal needed per day. And to lose 1 lb, you need to cut out 3500 cal, so if my math is right & I want to lose 1lb a week, I need to eat at least 1300 cal. If I eat more than that, I'd better be working out enough to work it off. And 1lb a week is 13lbs total. Which would put me at 147.9. That would be awesome! I'm so motivated now!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 60

Morning weigh in 159.9
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
S- piece of Diet Coke cake (100 cal)
L- smart ones santa fe rice & beans (310 cal)
S- mini chocolate (85 cal) & few chips with salsa (100 cal???)
D- 1 pt soup(140 cal)
That only gets me to 885 cal so I might eat an apple depending on when I get home or a 100 cal snack pack if I work too late. That still won't get me to 1000 but thats ok, I'm sure I'll make up for it some other day! :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 59

Morning weigh in 159.9 which is alright since I didn't get a workout in yesterday & probably retaining a little water weight from the chips & salsa. But I have one planned later today. I need to be productive today-workout, clean house, grocery store.
L- PB&J sandwich & pretzels
D- I've been craving meatloaf & baked potato lately so thats the plan. Plus thats Steve's fav meal so I know he won't have any objections to it. :)
S-a few thin mint girl scout cookies & glass of milk. i couldn't turn down the little girls at the grocery store who said "do you want to buy some cookies from us?" it was too cute!

Exercise- treadmill workout & some dumbbell workout for my flabby arms. They aren't really flabby-I lifted weights in high school so I built up big arms & now that I don't do that every day, they are just big. So I'm trying to tone them so they look good for the wedding. I'm thinking about doing a body wrap before the wedding to reduce the look of my flab that I don't work off with exercise. Has anyone tried them? I've heard great things about them. I was going to do a trial run a few weeks before so I know how my body will react.

I just finished making a diet coke cake for work for a co-worker's bday tomorrow. I'm pretty excited b/c I love that cake & its semi healthy! If you've never had one, I recommend trying it!
Recipe is: box of chocolate cake mix, 12 oz diet cherry coke, light whipped cream & light cherry pie filling. I couldn't find diet cherry coke in a 2 LT so my cake is a cherry coke zero cake. I'll let you know if there is any difference. I've been told its about 3 points on the weight watcher scale.