Tuesday, May 26, 2009

4 days to go

Sorry I'm such a late blogger this week. Thats what happens when I don't blog in AM at work.
B- glass of milk
L- 2 slices of homemade pizza
S- 1 monster cookie (my fav! M&MS, choc chip & oatmeal mmmm)
D- margarita, chips & salsa & 1 beef enchilada after we got our nails done at the mall
S- milk & another cookie!

I'm going to try to weigh in tomorrow if I remember! Everyone starts to arrive tomorrow & the craziness beings! Wish us luck! :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

5 days-Happy Memorial Day

Forgot to weigh in today
B- milk & PB&J on toast
L- 1/2 chicken bacon ranch sub from subway & 1/2 choc chip cookie
D- Dad is grilling burgers & all that stuff for our "mint making party"

Sunday, May 24, 2009

6 days

Morning weigh in 158.6
B- glass of milk
L- 1/2 chicken caesar salad from applebees
D- ham sandwich & cheetos

We met with a guy today about a quote for a fence, well, sprinkler system & sod for the house. Then we got to go in! It looks awesome! I have pictures below of the outside & the view from living room to kitchen with cabinets in.
Also got some of the guys' gifts-the ones that didn't come from theknot.com & finished packing. Steve drove me to mom & dad's but then went back home till Wednesday. I'll miss him until then :(
I've been here about 3 hrs & already have a list of things I forgot. Guess it's a good thing he is at home right now.
Tomorrow my mom, her friends & I are making the mints for the wedding. I'm hoping this will make me not want to eat sugar again! I've heard that you use a TON of sugar for wedding mints. We'll see....

Saturday, May 23, 2009

1 week

Morning weigh in: 158.8
B- glass of milk

Food is going to be weird today. I have a TON of errands to run for the wedding & pack before we go back to my parents. I'm going to try to eat healthy but I don't know what I'll end up eating.

Friday, May 22, 2009

1 week & 1 day

Morning weigh in 158.2
B- Fiber One Bar (150 cal)
L- Soup (150 cal)
S- piece of chocolate (85 cal)
D- 1/2 PB&J sandwich, 100 cal of pretzels
S- might have to hit the ice cream in the freezer

I picked up my dress yesterday, got the rest of the presents for my bridesmaids & flower girl. I still need something for candlelighters, cake cutter, guest book & readers. Today is my last day for about 2 weeks at work. It'll be hard to concentrate today! I'm off all next week, the week of the honeymoon & the next Monday.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

9 to go

Morning weigh in 159.2
My food has not been going according to planned. Last night I ate a jr burger from sonic, went tanning & then to Target to find a swimsuit for the honeymoon. As I'm standing in the store being annoyed by the little teenagers that say "i'm not sure a small will fit me-I might have to get an extra small" Oh to not have hips & thunder thighs!! I was about to give up when Steve called & I told him where I was & that I was frustrated. So he came to help me find one. And he did-I love it too!
Then he hadn't ate yet so we went to Wendy's-I didn't eat another meal but I felt like I had to have a twisted frosty. Only ate 1/2 though so I guess that was good.
Today's food:
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- lunch out with co-workers-not going to be good healthy wise but I'll try my best!! *update* I was good. grilled chicken breast with 2 small round grilled potatoes
D- Mom's in town so I don't know what we'll have

E- treadmill workout with big incline to try to burn off some of those thunder thighs!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Almost the single digits!!

I can't even bring myself to post my ugly # this morning. I ended up running thru Taco Bell last night for dinner b/c I got a call from Steve while I was out doing some errands. So I had a quesadilla & soft taco. Pair that with my lunch at TGI Friday's of a sandwich & salad and no workout= yucky morning weight
New day today!!
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- either lettace w/light italian dressing or soup
S- apple (100 cal)
D- PB&J sandwich with a little bit of leftover potato salad (400 cal)

Still have a few errands to run tonight so I don't know when I'll get to exercise but I WILL do it tonight! My tan is getting better now that I switched to the bronzer bed & using a lotion with fast acting bronzer.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

11 until wedding....12 until the beach

Morning weigh in 158.8-not bad since I had ice cream last night after I dropped Steve off. I should get the good fiancee award for last night. He had a bachelor party in SC over spring break but our friends here wanted to give him one. So last night was his 2ND bachelor party. They rented the party bus so I dropped them off at the bar about 9:00 & got the phone call at 2am to come pick them up. After I'd been asleep about 3 hrs but hey its totally worth it to know they are all safe.
B- Fiber one bar (150 cal)
S- fruit (200 cal)
L- yikes this will be bad...mentor lunch so IDK
D- lettace salad with pepperoni & ranch dressing

*update* I was suprised yesterday when my co-workers decided to have a shower for me. We usually do it after the wedding but I had been talking about how I was hoping we'd get the digital camera for our honeymoon as our camera sucks. So this morning we had fruit & muffins along with they gave us the camera with extra memory card! I'm so excited!!! They said there would be more presents later in the week due to the short notice.
I just had the fruit & stayed away from the muffins. Go me for the 2nd day in a row staying away from the temptations at work! :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

12 to go...

Morning weigh in 158.4
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- Soup (150 cal)
S- Apple (100 cal)
D- pizza maybe???

I'm very proud of myself this morning! We had a early morning presentation with an amazing array of cinnamon rolls & breads and I didn't have a single bite! One day at a time right?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

13 days left

B- 2 mini chocolate chip muffins
S- 1/2 m&m mcflurry
D- I'm not sure yet-Steve's got to work tonight & I really could use to run some more errands.

I'm definetely sore from lifting weights at the gym yesterday. Good sore though :) So the week before the wedding I'll probably hit the gym there while I'm back home again. Plus I can sneak in tans while I'm there too

Saturday, May 16, 2009

2 weeks!!

It's pretty late on Saturday night so it's almost like it's 13 days but you all know what I mean.
No weigh in as I'm at my parents this weekend.
L- meatloaf, baked potato with just butter salt & pepper
S- handful of peanut M&Ms
D- hamburger, chips, pasta salad & of course graduation cake
along with a beer

I did hit the gym this morning with mom which felt awesome! I have a treadmill at home that I use but since I don't belong to a gym I never get the weights anymore.

Wedding update: we met with photographer today to confirm times & pay up this morning, finished the pew baskets & did about 20 of the 100 wheat bags. Wheat bags instead of rice or bird seed are the KS girl in me :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sale at The Knot.com!!!

In case any of you are thinking about ordering from The Knot's wedding shop- They are having an awesome sale right now! A lot of their things are on sale plus they have a 20% off anything if your total purchase is over $100! I bought some stuff there but needed the shipping charges to get me over the $100 mark & it worked. The promo code is all over their website but it is FFMAY9. The sale ends Sunday so be quick! I have found that you can use the promo code CONGRATS or COMPLETE2 to get 10% off anytime. Just can't combine more than 1 promo code together.
Have a great weekend!

15 & counting

Morning weigh in 157.2
B-Fiber one bar (150 cal)
L- smart ones enchiladas (310 cal)
S- apple (100 cal)
D- sonic while I head back to mom & dad's tonight

Plans for the weekend:
Sat- workout at my old gym with mom, meet the photographer, help Mom make my cousin's nurse graduation cake, work on some pew baskets & maybe wheat bags
Sun- get the rest of my girls' gifts, gifts for the readers/candlelighters/cake cutter & guest book girls & pick up Steve's wedding band

We got my ring yesterday! It looks good-I'm so excited. My engagement ring definetely needs cleaned though
I'm stumped on how to make a nurse graduation cake-it would be cute if we could make the shape like a nurse hat but I'm not sure how to do that. Any ideas on that one?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Down to 16 days left until I'm Mrs Allen

Morning weigh in 158.6
B- Fiber one bar (150 cal)
L- Smart ones tuna noodle gratin (240 cal)
S- apple (100 cal)
D- PB&J sandwich (200 cal) & I was going to eat canned peaches but I know they have a ton of sugar so I'm thinking I'd be better off not eating them.

E- I HAVE to get a good workout in-didn't get to last night but work has slowed down so I'm thinking I'll get out of here decent time tonight. Yay!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

17 days!!

Morning weigh in 159.2
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- Smart ones rice & Beans (310 cal)
S- Apple (100 cal)
I had to worked late for non-tax season hours so I ended up hitting a co-worker's jar of hot tamales. :( (about 2 handfuls) -
I wasn't hungry when I got off work so I just had a glass of milk & 80 cal fudge pop. healthy huh? lol

too tired when I got home to do treadmill workout but I am doing sit ups before I hit the bed tonight.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sonic blasts are the devil!!

They taste great but my scale doesn't appreciate them AT ALL!!
Morning weigh in 160.4 yikes!!!
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- soup (150 cal)
S- Apple (100 cal)
D- Steve is grilling burgers tonight

Exercise- a tough treadmill workout to work off the blast & get me back to feeling healthier!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

19 & counting

Morning weigh in 158.8-expected since I was bad & bought ice cream at the grocery store last night. We had frozen pizza & ice cream-it was good :)
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- soup (150 cal)
S- Apple & little chocolate (125 cal)
D- I'm thinking I'll have Steve make dinner tonight

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day

No more weigh in-
B- cinnamon roll
L- steak & mashed potatoes at Steve & I's fav place-too bad he was working & it was my dad, mom, little bro & grandparents. It's alright, we brought him leftovers & he was happy :)
D- not much as I'm stuff from lunch

We went out to see the house-it's awesome!! next step is paint then cabinets & trim. I'm so excited & can't wait for it to be done.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

3 weeks left

Morning weigh in 158.2
B- diet cherry dr pepper from sonic
L- hamburger gravy over noodles, corn & a few baby carrots (this is my fav meal that my mom makes)
D- the family grilled burgers, baked beans & chips with dip.

I'm back at my parents this weekend. Mom & I went to a baby shower for a grade school friend on our way to the rental store. We've got tables & linens rented for the wedding. We made most of the pew baskets that go on side of pews at the church & cut the tuling for the wheat bags. Since my dad & grandpa are grow wheat & we're in KS-we are throwing wheat rather than bird seed, rice or blowing bubbles.
I won't weigh in tomorrow morning b/c I don't have my scale. Plan is church, dinner then head back home with the family in tow so we can go tour the new house. Steve had to work this weekend so we'll meet up with him in the afternoon. I hope he gets off work early! :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

22 to go!

Last night I didn't workout. As a combination of working late, wanting to watch Grey's instead, being frustrated with my weight when I do workout & just the plain being lazy too. The effect: morning weigh in of 158.0. WTH? That put me at a 2.2lb loss for week 1 of our weight loss challenge & a 1.37% weight loss. Nothing thats going to win me any awards as I work with some VERY competitive people who packed on the water weight last week so the leader right now is over 4% loss. I'm about in the middle. I am competitive but I know I have plenty to lose without packing on the lbs to win the 1st week. We get no prizes until the end so I'm going with slow & steady will win the race.
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- soup (150 cal)
D- we are having a department party for bowling, pizza & go-carts this afternoon. I'm not a huge fan of the pizza so probably just 1 piece
S- maybe going out for another friends' birthday...a drink or two but I'll probably play DD to save on the calories

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Excited yet disappointed

I'm super excited the wedding is 23 days away! Yet I'm very disappointed with my weight. I feel like I've been good with food & exercising every day yet this morning's weigh in was 160.2. I know that if I'm building muscle with the exercise that I won't see the scale drop but I want to be toned so I don't want to just eat healthy. I want to do both & the scale go down double fast! Life isn't fair right & I just need to suck it up! Ok vent over.
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- smart ones ziti pasta (320 cal)
S- apple (100 cal)
D- Soup ???? (150 cal)

Exercise- a nice long slow workout with some situps & dumbbells. Enough to get my heart racing & start sweating but when I do high intensity workouts I can only last a short time. Maybe I need to go for endurance. Any clues from anyone???

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

24 days left

Disappointing morning weigh in: 159.0 what the heck is wrong with me? I feel like I ate really good yesterday & I did the 13 flights of stairs last night after work. I'm starting to get really frustrated.... :(
B-Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- have training over the lunch hour so it's 1/2 chicken caesar salad (400 cal)
S- apple (100 cal)
D- not sure yet, probably sandwich (200 cal)

I'm planning on another good workout tonight with treadmill, squats, situps & dumbbell arm exercises. Let's see if that'll help my body remember how to lose some lbs!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

25 & counting

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

It's very humid today so I can feel the water hanging in the air. My body is hanging onto water too. Morning weigh in 158.6-not horrible just not exciting
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- smart ones rice & beans (300 cal)
S- apple (100 cal)
D- PB&J sandwich (200 cal) & chips (100 cal)

Monday, May 4, 2009

T minus 26 days...

Morning weigh in 157.8
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- Soup (140 cal)
S- Apple instead of my usual chocolate about 3:00 (100 cal)
D- 3 slices of frozen pizza-it was really good... :)
S- fat free fudgesicle (80 cal)

Gotta exercise tonight!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

27 days & counting....

Morning weigh in: 157.0! This feels awesome!
No breakfast again this morning as it's already 11am & I just got up. (I did eat a handful of M&Ms so I guess that could be called my breakfast. When I was at the store yesterday Steve's only request for food was sprite & candy. I bought M&Ms & some Reese's mini's-will have to be really good not to be tempted too much :)
L- idk yet, maybe tomato soup & grilled cheese???
D- we have a friends' 21st birthday at On the Border-i'll order soft tacos & limit myself to a few chips & salsa

going to look at the house today-the sheetrock is starting tomorrow so we want to see it just framed one last time. They installed the wrong sliding glass door but the new one is in now & I want to see it. Had a little drama b/c the alarm company had to come out a second time to reinstall the stuff on that door but thank goodness we have a great sales rep! He's so nice that he didn't charge us for the 2nd trip & moved his installers around so that they could get it done by when our builder wanted it done by.
Steve'll be doing homework all day so I will get in a workout this afternoon. Nothing else planned....which is nice!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

28 days left!!!

Yesterday's weigh in was 160.2 and today's was 157.8! Look what a combination of Aunt Flo leaving & a good workout yesterday will do! I can definetely get to 149.9 by the wedding if I keep this up.
We slept in REALLY late so I didn't have breakfast.
L-PB &J (200 cal) & sm bag of cheetos (100 cal)
D- salad bar from grocery store-lettuce, pepperoni's & ranch dressing with some fruit on the side
S- WW fudgesicle???

Steve's got to work tonight so I'm cleaning house & being productive today! The wedding RSVP's keep rolling in! I think we've gotten a few every day this week!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day

I'm getting married this month!!!!
Today starts the weight loss challenge at work! We have 20 people doing it so the pot is up to $400 bucks! 1st gets $200, 2nd-$100, 3rd-$60 & 4th-$40. Talk about motivation-$200 bucks & being skinny, I'm totally there!!
No breakfast this morning as we picked out lighting & appliances today. An expensive morning-we went $800 over our allowance in total for both but I figured why buy the standard light knowing that I'm going to change in out in a few months.
L- recruiting event here at work so it wasn't pretty. Salad, about a fist size of chicken enchilada, a few chips & salsa. and here's the kicker......1/2 brownie
D- sandwich & apple

E- Gotta get back to the treadmill-I took yesterday off.