Thursday, May 21, 2009

9 to go

Morning weigh in 159.2
My food has not been going according to planned. Last night I ate a jr burger from sonic, went tanning & then to Target to find a swimsuit for the honeymoon. As I'm standing in the store being annoyed by the little teenagers that say "i'm not sure a small will fit me-I might have to get an extra small" Oh to not have hips & thunder thighs!! I was about to give up when Steve called & I told him where I was & that I was frustrated. So he came to help me find one. And he did-I love it too!
Then he hadn't ate yet so we went to Wendy's-I didn't eat another meal but I felt like I had to have a twisted frosty. Only ate 1/2 though so I guess that was good.
Today's food:
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- lunch out with co-workers-not going to be good healthy wise but I'll try my best!! *update* I was good. grilled chicken breast with 2 small round grilled potatoes
D- Mom's in town so I don't know what we'll have

E- treadmill workout with big incline to try to burn off some of those thunder thighs!!!

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