Saturday, May 2, 2009

28 days left!!!

Yesterday's weigh in was 160.2 and today's was 157.8! Look what a combination of Aunt Flo leaving & a good workout yesterday will do! I can definetely get to 149.9 by the wedding if I keep this up.
We slept in REALLY late so I didn't have breakfast.
L-PB &J (200 cal) & sm bag of cheetos (100 cal)
D- salad bar from grocery store-lettuce, pepperoni's & ranch dressing with some fruit on the side
S- WW fudgesicle???

Steve's got to work tonight so I'm cleaning house & being productive today! The wedding RSVP's keep rolling in! I think we've gotten a few every day this week!


  1. Good job girly. Yay, I remember those RVSP's, I was sooo excited!

  2. It's funny because we just picked out our fixtures ect. We are hoping by August. What about you?