Sunday, May 24, 2009

6 days

Morning weigh in 158.6
B- glass of milk
L- 1/2 chicken caesar salad from applebees
D- ham sandwich & cheetos

We met with a guy today about a quote for a fence, well, sprinkler system & sod for the house. Then we got to go in! It looks awesome! I have pictures below of the outside & the view from living room to kitchen with cabinets in.
Also got some of the guys' gifts-the ones that didn't come from & finished packing. Steve drove me to mom & dad's but then went back home till Wednesday. I'll miss him until then :(
I've been here about 3 hrs & already have a list of things I forgot. Guess it's a good thing he is at home right now.
Tomorrow my mom, her friends & I are making the mints for the wedding. I'm hoping this will make me not want to eat sugar again! I've heard that you use a TON of sugar for wedding mints. We'll see....

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  1. wow how exciting, the house is really coming along!