Sunday, May 3, 2009

27 days & counting....

Morning weigh in: 157.0! This feels awesome!
No breakfast again this morning as it's already 11am & I just got up. (I did eat a handful of M&Ms so I guess that could be called my breakfast. When I was at the store yesterday Steve's only request for food was sprite & candy. I bought M&Ms & some Reese's mini's-will have to be really good not to be tempted too much :)
L- idk yet, maybe tomato soup & grilled cheese???
D- we have a friends' 21st birthday at On the Border-i'll order soft tacos & limit myself to a few chips & salsa

going to look at the house today-the sheetrock is starting tomorrow so we want to see it just framed one last time. They installed the wrong sliding glass door but the new one is in now & I want to see it. Had a little drama b/c the alarm company had to come out a second time to reinstall the stuff on that door but thank goodness we have a great sales rep! He's so nice that he didn't charge us for the 2nd trip & moved his installers around so that they could get it done by when our builder wanted it done by.
Steve'll be doing homework all day so I will get in a workout this afternoon. Nothing else planned....which is nice!

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