Saturday, May 9, 2009

3 weeks left

Morning weigh in 158.2
B- diet cherry dr pepper from sonic
L- hamburger gravy over noodles, corn & a few baby carrots (this is my fav meal that my mom makes)
D- the family grilled burgers, baked beans & chips with dip.

I'm back at my parents this weekend. Mom & I went to a baby shower for a grade school friend on our way to the rental store. We've got tables & linens rented for the wedding. We made most of the pew baskets that go on side of pews at the church & cut the tuling for the wheat bags. Since my dad & grandpa are grow wheat & we're in KS-we are throwing wheat rather than bird seed, rice or blowing bubbles.
I won't weigh in tomorrow morning b/c I don't have my scale. Plan is church, dinner then head back home with the family in tow so we can go tour the new house. Steve had to work this weekend so we'll meet up with him in the afternoon. I hope he gets off work early! :)

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