Saturday, May 16, 2009

2 weeks!!

It's pretty late on Saturday night so it's almost like it's 13 days but you all know what I mean.
No weigh in as I'm at my parents this weekend.
L- meatloaf, baked potato with just butter salt & pepper
S- handful of peanut M&Ms
D- hamburger, chips, pasta salad & of course graduation cake
along with a beer

I did hit the gym this morning with mom which felt awesome! I have a treadmill at home that I use but since I don't belong to a gym I never get the weights anymore.

Wedding update: we met with photographer today to confirm times & pay up this morning, finished the pew baskets & did about 20 of the 100 wheat bags. Wheat bags instead of rice or bird seed are the KS girl in me :)

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