Wednesday, May 13, 2009

17 days!!

Morning weigh in 159.2
B- Fiber One bar (150 cal)
L- Smart ones rice & Beans (310 cal)
S- Apple (100 cal)
I had to worked late for non-tax season hours so I ended up hitting a co-worker's jar of hot tamales. :( (about 2 handfuls) -
I wasn't hungry when I got off work so I just had a glass of milk & 80 cal fudge pop. healthy huh? lol

too tired when I got home to do treadmill workout but I am doing sit ups before I hit the bed tonight.


  1. I can't believe how close it is! Married life is great. You can agree with me in less than 3 weeks!

  2. Hey! Not a dumb question at all. A plank is a position that you hold for an extended period of time (there are variations to it), but it is a great core workout. Here is how to do it (taken from one of my fav magazines!)

    Hope this helps!